Change of seasons, changes at Hearsay


There are few things more precious than a business you call your own. Shocking words coming from me, as having my own business was never something I wanted. And, while starting something that was profitable from day one is an achievement I will always be proud of, owning a communications company was never my end game.

After almost five years at the helm of Hearsay, I am finally ready to admit I love this company. Every damn part of it. I couldn’t be more proud of it.

Or myself.

For more than 1,728 days, I have poured every last ounce of myself into Hearsay. I have watched this business grow while nurturing relationships. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside amazing peers. And I’ve learned a lot about running a business.

Let’s be real, most of it was learned the hard way.

With any relationship, however, there comes a point where you need to stop and examine where it is heading.

For Hearsay, that time was this year.

I have built what I jokingly refer to as an empire. Working very hard and staying focused on helping our clients to achieve their goals. I loved what we were doing so much, I didn’t necessarily allow myself, or my team, the space and time to see what might be missing from our offerings.

Until recently, it never even occurred to me that anything was missing from Hearsay’s services.

After a lot of reflection and numerous requests for an easier way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to implement public relations into their day-to-days, the time for a decision has come.

Hearsay will be refocusing its energy, and this refocusing will take place in the form of three new public relations packages and a variety of a la carte offerings.

I am beyond excited to share this new direction with you.

When I started Hearsay, I knew that there was a gap in the industry that wasn’t addressing what smaller shops or solo entrepreneurs needed in public relations representation.

Watching our clients work through their public relations experience—many who had never put public relations to work for themselves before—I was able to see that some folks are ready for full-blown assistance, others are not there yet, and still others want to do it themselves but with a little help from a professional.

Our new packages accommodate all these scenarios.

By doing so, I know we will be better positioned to help promote more entrepreneurs, small businesses, side hustlers, and dreamers to the world. In a fashion that better accommodates how they want to run their businesses.

Shortly, you will see the announcement of our new branding and website. You also will see the addition of some kick-ass freebies and educational offerings. A new book and workshop (or two) are in the works.

But I cannot do this without your help.

Would you mind taking a few moments to assist me by filling out this brief survey? As a thank you for your time, all completed surveys will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card. And, if you have a friend who’s a go-getter, please share this survey link with them:

Personally, I am extremely excited about what this new chapter means for Hearsay. I truly believe the concept driving our new direction will make public relations more accessible to entrepreneurs, small business owners, side hustlers, and dreamers.

If you would like to get on the waitlist and be the first to know when our new public relations packages are available, please drop us a note.

To all who jumped at the chance to work with me from the start and continue to believe in Hearsay today, thank you. I am grateful that you believe in me and all of those behind the scenes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, we have some amazing offerings to finalize for you! 

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