How to be media smart

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Learning to navigate the media landscape is no easy venture.

The internet is rife with short-cuts and click-bait promising instant media coverage for writing announcements and sending them to media.

But, once you applied in the real world, it’s not as simple as pushing send and magically getting coverage.

Understanding how the media works and paying attention to current news will take you a long way in becoming a media pro.

Whether you’re just getting started using public relations to promote your business or already experienced at navigating its tricky waters, fine-tuning your media smarts right now will give you a head start on becoming a media darling. 

Here are some proactive ways to get your smarts on now:

Change your perspective

Start looking at your favorite magazines but from a different perspective.

If you want to have your brand featured in all the beauty or fashion magazines, browse Vogue or InStyle and start looking at these publications through the PR lens rather than just as the consumer.

Changing your perspective will help you see:

  • What are the reoccurring feature sections in every issue? 
  • What are the hot products that are being written about? 
  • Does your brand have a similar or complementing product that would be of interest to readers?

Do your research

Becoming smart about media outlets that fit your brand is crucial for achieving media coverage.

Knowing what type of topics and products each outlet covers and who covers what exact topic will be invaluable when you need to land media coverage for brand news or a product launch.

Editorial calendars are also a great resource when looking for ways to proactively pitch a product or idea. Make sure you take advantage of these free, online resources to promote your offerings.

Research will answer questions like:

  • Are there any planned features that your brand could fit into?
  • Who’s the best contact to pitch you story to?
  • Have they recently written any articles that your brand/business could relate to?

Know the news

The importance of keeping up with current news both in general and in your brand’s industry cannot be stressed enough. 

Staying updated on the current news cycle will show you:

  • What are the big trends or news waves?
  • Who is talking about your industry and your competitor’s products?
  • What outlets you should be targeting for your brand/client?

These are a few very easy ways to up your media starts and start you on the path towards becoming a media darling.

What steps are you taking to become media smart?

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