Accountant to Row 2,400 Miles Solo Across Pacific for Charity

WHAT: Fueled by her passion for avian conservation, awareness and education, Australian Mary Rose will row 2,400 nautical miles solo across dangerous ocean waters from San Diego to Honolulu. Her impressive three-month, trans-Pacific row will begin Saturday, June 2, when Rose departs from San Diego’s America’s Cup Harbor in her boat Dippers. The entirety of her journey can be tracked by following:


WHERE: Koehler Kraft Docks - America’s Cup Harbor, 2302 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, California 92106


WHEN: Tuesday, June 2– 10:00 am


DETAILS: Named Project Flight Plan, Rose’s journey will take place to raise funds and awareness for conservation projects sponsored by Chirping Central Conservation Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation dedicated to avian-related projects. Rose, a native Australian, founded Chirping Central in 2010, after moving to Arizona and adopting her first bird companion, a charming and animated Eclectus parrot.


To learn more about Project Flightplan, visit You also can stay updated with the latest information from Mary’s journey on Twitter and Instagram by following @ChirpingCentral and by liking the Project Flightplan Facebook page.


About Project Flightplan

Project Flightplan is a solo row of 2,400 nautical miles from San Diego to Honolulu by Australian Mary Rose. Her impressive trans-Pacific row will begin June 2, 2015, as Rose launches her boat Dippers from San Diego’s Mission Bay Harbor. To learn more about the three-month, continuous rowing journey, visit To track Rose’s row, visit


About Chirping Central Conservation Fund

Founded by Australian Mary Rose in 2010, Chirping Central Conservation Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation dedicated to bird conservation, awareness, and education. Through its people and projects, Chirping Central combines the passion of bird lovers with the resources necessary to ensure that beautiful, majestic birds from across the globe will be there for generations to enjoy. Extinction is Optional.(R) To learn more about Chirping Central, visit