Blue Spoons Spreads Hope and Help Through Products with Purpose

Blue Spoons—a benefit company providing hope and help for sexual abuse survivors, one spoon at a time—today announced the launch of its new accessories and apparel line. One hundred percent of all Blue Spoons profits fund counseling services and treatment programs for sexual abuse survivors. Pre-orders are now available online at Led by Carissa Magras, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Blue Spoons was founded to assist the one in four girls and one in six boys who are sexually assaulted each day. Given the stigma associated with sexual inappropriateness and the overwhelming cost of therapy not covered by insurance, many of those impacted never receive the care they need. With the help of counselors who have dedicated their careers to guiding abused individuals through the process of reclaiming their lives and happiness, Blue Spoons works to convert that pain into strength.

“I was sexually abused throughout the majority of my childhood, so I know first-hand how effective counseling can be in guiding people through the darkness into the light of hope, health, and happiness,” said Magras. “We can’t change the first few chapters of our life, but we can take back the pen and write the rest of our story. Counseling helps tremendously with that and, through our accessories and apparel, Blue Spoons is making it financially possible, harnessing the power of community to deliver services that are critical to empowering and saving lives.”

Added Magras, “Given that a sexual assault happens once every two minutes, it’s likely someone you love has been affected by sexual inappropriateness. By wearing Blue Spoons products, you make a statement to those around you, showing your support and commitment to helping hurting individuals find hope and happiness.”

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About Blue Spoons

Blue Spoons is a company putting help within reach for the one in four girls and one in six boys impacted by sexual inappropriateness by pouring 100 percent of its profits into counseling services and treatment programs. To learn more, visit or follow @blue_spoons on social media using #BlueSpoonie.