Ready to get your pitch on? Here are 10 tips to make your next pitch your best!

  1. Pitch at the right time

Different media outlets work at different speeds. For instance, print magazines work up to six months ahead, while online outlets may not think about the holidays until a month or even weeks prior.

  1. Pitch the right editor

Prior to reaching out to any media outlets, read the publication that you’re reaching out to, find out the best editor to approach and ensure that your pitch is appropriate.

  1. Pitch for gift guide inclusions only

Make sure the subject line of your pitch includes “holiday gift guide.”

  1. Pitch carefully

Spend time crafting your pitch. Keep it short and sweet, but include highlights of what you’re featuring. Prepare to have photos, retail info, one sheets, and other media materials on hand.

  1. Be ready

Have at least two to three samples ready to go. Editors may need items within 24 hours or less, and you will want to meet their request promptly.

  1. Send photos

Do you have professional high-resolution images? These are imperative, especially for outlets who may not have the time or resources to shoot a sample of your product, but simply want to use high-resolution photography in the layout. For print, they need to be 300dpi and be sure to shoot on a white background for best results.

  1. Know your price

Price is a concern for everyone in this economy. If your brand has a variety of price points, know what products fit for different budgets. Editors may be working within certain price points (example, under $50), and you will want to be able to quickly respond with a product that works.

  1. Create categories

Think about breaking down your offerings into different categories. Allowing editors to easily spot where your product might fit into their publication or gift guide. Example categories could include eco-friendly, celebrity favorites, or by price.

  1. Follow up

Allow yourself at least two days before following up with the editor. Then, feel free to send a gentle reminder about your offerings to gauge interest. If you don’t receive a response after that, the product may not have been the best fit at this time.

  1. Give thanks

If an editor does feature your product, send them a thank you email—or even reach out via social media!

Ready to get pitching? Here are some free templates to help you out!

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