Happy Fourth Birthday, Hearsay!


The end of December has always been a sentimental time for me. Beyond the obvious family time and holiday celebrations, I am big on relishing the joys of the previous year. I also am the first to want to get a jumpstart on what’s ahead.

For the past few years, however, December has held an extra special meaning.

You see, the end of this month marks the fourth year of building my business. From nothing to profitable, all in one day.

That’s right, on the last day in December, four years ago, Hearsay first became a reality.

Crazy, huh?

I often brush off the achievements of Hearsay (and myself), and tell people that I’m just a very lucky girl. The truth is, I worked my ass off to make this small business a success.

Very hard. Nonstop. For four years.

I have built what I jokingly refer to as an empire. I have used everything I have ever gotten or learned from Hearsay and applied it to other business endeavors and investments. I also have tried to pay that real-world experience forward by sharing what I’ve learned with others.

Personally, I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

As I pause to reflect on what currently is, and celebrate that my small business has made it to a milestone so many small businesses never reach, I would be the world’s worst supporter of entrepreneurs everywhere if I didn’t acknowledge how Hearsay came to be.

Hearsay started because my otherwise happy-go-lucky self was so tired, beaten down, frustrated, and depressed I couldn’t get out of bed one December morning in 2012.

I was disappointed with what corporate America and my supposed dream job were offering me. I was even more jaded by the level of service and offerings other public relations agencies had made available.

Most importantly, I was sick and tired of every annual review providing me with the same feedback—that I should care less about my work or clients.

I was over it. All of it. Like done. Who wants to spend most their day miserable? Not this girl.

So, I quit. That day. Without a plan. No safety net. Not a single job prospect in sight. Hell, I didn’t even get out of bed to draft my letter of resignation, email it in, and make those final phone calls.

It was the greatest decision I’ve even made. Why? Hearsay was born. Calamity Jayne Enterprises was launched. All the grand adventures started.

Why am I sharing all this now? Because I want everyone to know that they shouldn’t stay in a role that no longer suits them. And that you can do anything you put your mind to. Whenever, and at whatever age, you decide to.

See example A, me.

I also want to promise everyone right now, in year four, that Hearsay will get back to its original goal of working hard to help the underdog, small startup, bootstrapped entrepreneur, and ambitious small business owner.

I’m excited to share that in 2017, Hearsay will have a new brand, a variety of affordable PR and marketing packages for companies of all sizes to take advantage of, high-quality detailed pieces of content through eBooks and courses, and more ways to get advice straight from me—or anyone of the experts I’m blessed enough to have as a part of my network.

It also means scaling back a bit on other endeavors, such as participating in less webinars, mentoring and networking activities, writing fewer blog posts and emails, taking less meetings, and the like.

This was a huge decision to make. At the same time, it was one of the best decisions of 2016 for the business.

Thank you all for support, loyalty, friendship, and belief in Hearsay. And in me. You’ve made the last four years possible, and I am forever grateful.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Happy Birthday Hearsay!

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