How to PR your PR


Once you’ve received media coverage, you are now ready to “PR the PR,” and make that placement work its very hardest for you. Here are some examples: • Promote the article or feature across your social media accounts. • Write a blog post about the experience of being featured. • Make sure you send it to the editor you worked with. • Update your website, press materials, and the like with “As seen in.” Do this for each product that was featured. • Send out an email blast to customers, wholesalers, and other contacts with the news. • Make it easy for your networks to share the news by including a sample tweet, post, or email.

Celebrity Placements For lifestyle and fashion brands, celebrity outreach can be a powerful strategy and can make life a whole lot easier, when it comes to gaining editor interest.

If a celebrity is photographed wearing a product, and that photograph shows up in one of the many celebrity weeklies or celeb style blogs, it’s possible for the image to receive millions of views. The level of public interest can, though not always, have a significant impact on sales.

When you do have photographs of a celebrity wearing your brand, send the news as a short pitch to your media connections, particularly those with a celebrity focus. Then, send the pictures to customers and retailers.

Say Thank You If an editor or blogger does feature your product, send them a thank you email right away. Help promote the story through social media and acknowledge the author’s and publication’s accounts in your posts.

Some media outlets are unable to accept gifts, but a small gift can be a great way to nurture the relationship. It also is appropriate to ask for a mailing address as sending a thoughtful, handwritten thank you note is worth its weight in gold.

Remember, gratitude is always the right attitude!

Have you secured amazing media coverage lately? What ways do you PR your PR?

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