How to shop small this holiday season (and every day)


Last week, our post on the six reasons why you should shop small this holiday season (and every day) received an overwhelming amount of feedback. Thank you all for helping promote our message of support for small businesses everywhere!

After sorting through the feedback, we thought it may be helpful to show you how easy it is to get more involved in the small business movement.

Here are five ways to raise awareness and support small businesses in your community all year long:

Think big, but shop small

While Small Business Saturday may be a heavily marketed day to honor small business owners, remember you can shop their wares every day.

Are you in need of eggs, bread, milk, or beer? Go to your local corner store instead of a chain grocery store.

Remember, that local shop owner is paying taxes that keep your neighborhood the gem it is.

Share the news on social media

Are you active on social media? Post pictures, tweet, and share status updates of your small business or of yourself shopping at one. Be sure to use the hashtag #shopsmall when you do.

Did you have a good experience while you were shopping small? Write a positive Yelp review for the small business to help them grow their customer base.

Be a local loyalist

Does a local business you frequent have a customer loyalty or rewards program? If so, sign up for it.

Becoming a member shows your support for local businesses, but also grants you discounts and rewards for being a patron, as well.

Educate yourself

The more you know about local small businesses in your community, the more you can go and show your support!

Start by checking out the official Small Business Saturday site and your local small business map. While not all participating small businesses are listed on this map, it’s a great starting place for stores to peruse—for Small Business Saturday or any day of the shopping year.

Want more information? Stay updated with The Small Business Administration, and read up on additional tips such as the National Retail Federation’s post, 3 Tips for Involving Your Community in Small Business Saturday.

Share posts that support small business (like this one)

One of the top reasons why consumers don’t shop small is because it doesn’t occur to them that they should. We all should!

This post, and others like it, are meant to raise awareness and show support for small business owners everywhere. Because small businesses everywhere do need your support.

By sharing small businesses and shop small stories with others, you’re helping educate others on how great small businesses and entrepreneurs are.

What are your reasons for running a small business? Or for shopping at one?

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