Why you need PR


You took the plunge, quit your comfy job, and put all of your eggs in one basket to start a business. You know you have a great product, and you cannot wait to introduce it to the world. You’re certain everyone will love it as much as you do. Then reality sets in. You realize that dozens—or even hundreds—of others have had a similar idea.

Suddenly, your mom is sending you articles about a company on the opposite coast with a product that looks eerily identical to yours. Not long after, you stumble across a website for a product with a name nearly the same as yours.

Despite your best efforts on social media, sales are low and engagement is so nonexistent you can hear crickets chirp.

You begin to wonder if this was all a mistake. How are you going to make your product stand out from the crowd and be noticed, much less differentiated from the dozens of similar products out there?

Rather than relying on the same advertising and marketing tactics of your competitors, you need a strategy that gets your product instant visibility. The kind that leads to immediate sales.

Enter hiring a publicist to help you with public relations, which helps put out your message to reach your targeted audiences.

For your small business, working with an experienced publicist will provide you with a more sophisticated and focused approach to gaining visibility for your product. A publicist has the relationships, contacts, and experience that you don’t have—the skills needed at your disposal to put your product in front of the right people: the people your target customers are already paying attention to. This includes high profile television personalities, popular bloggers, and even celebrities.

Not only does the work of a publicist get the attention of your desired customers, it also provides the equivalent of an endorsement. Who doesn’t love a good word-of-mouth referral?

Additionally, the work of a publicist helps a business differentiate itself from its competition to increase sales. This occurs by developing the proper message summarizing what is unique about your product and emphasizing it constantly through every outlet the public sees, whether it be your news releases, articles, website, blog, social media feeds, and printed materials.

The repetition of a clear, distinctive description of your product helps generate recognition and understanding about what it is that makes your small business special in the eyes of your present and prospective clients. Which in turn, will drive business directly to you.

While advertising is often focused around marketing and gaining new customers, working with a publicist is much more cost efficient for a small business than advertising. With a capable and committed publicist, you will secure opportunities to speak with broadcast, print, and online media outlets to discuss your product and establish yourself as a key expert in your industry.

Rather than trying to fight through the crowds, begging for the attention of your target audience, and squandering away your life savings on paid ads, working with a publicist who knows how to pluck your product from the sea of competitors and place it directly in front of those who need your product can make all the difference.

How have you made PR work for your small business?

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